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Work From Home Not Working

15 months ago the thought of being forced into working from home had more of a shiny appearance than it does these days.  While the world was shutting down to “flatten the curve” many viewed the shift as a work/life balance commodity.  The increased desirability for remote work has often been longed for, we are in the most technologically advanced time in our lives, but perhaps companies weren’t ready to give up the reins of control over a schedule, or the ability to work off-site may have not been a feasible option.  Until they were forced to change.

After a year + of spending our days in a makeshift office, often having our work intermixed with life (your kitchen table is suddenly your desk, only to shift to the homework spot), and Zooms are on-the-hour every hour (hurry up refill your coffee, hit the bathroom and grab a snack) and now there is no separation between work and home life.  The convergence of work and life is now at a crossroads. 

The idea of going into the office Monday – Friday, all day, every day has morphed into a relic of our past. These days, it is more about meeting in the middle, finding that win/win for employees and businesses. This is where coworking and flexible office space arrangements can and will make a significant shift in the future. 

Coworking spaces have been around for over a decade, with an estimated 35,000 workspaces across the globe, but now the movement of these spaces into communities across the U.S. is gaining steam. And gaining FAST! While typically these flexible spaces converge on urban areas, they are now popping up on main streets in small towns to help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and now larger-scaled businesses whose employees may have moved away from the city for a calming rural lifestyle – many thanks to the pandemic remote-shift opportunity.

As these spaces emerge, there will be a variety to choose from. The Commercial Observer estimates that coworking spaces are likely to double or triple in the U.S. in five years. 

From bigger franchise establishments that have been fully functioning as creative-generating machines to those smaller, boutique-style coworking venues that cater to a community-driven vibe. The best advice for anyone seeking a distraction-free workspace is to simply get out and take a coworking space for a test drive. 

Coworking spaces have become the expected and preferred workplace of today’s workforce. This is now truer than ever, especially as more companies shift to permanent remote work options following the coronavirus pandemic. Companies adopting hybrid work models are incorporating flexible workspace solutions into their real estate strategies in order to cater to the needs of remote workers across different cities and countries.  

Coworking spaces can fuel creativity, strategy and invite community. Each of these qualities are the drivers we need to emerge into our new post-pandemic work. After a year away from our business cultures, our water cooler conversations, and spending so much time isolated with our own ideas, these open spaces can bring a freshness to our future. In addition, communicating within diverse environments can ignite innovation.

If you’re ready to check out a coworking space, we’ve got a spot for you. Contact The CoLounge at: for a free day pass.