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Conference Room Rental

A light filled conference room that will comfortably fit 6 people at a table with additional seating around the perimeter.  Equipped with a large flat screen tv with full wireless audio/visual capabilities.  Ideal for meeting clients, small team trainings or a Zoom meeting. Conference room rental comes with full Member Benefits during rental time.

Rent by the Hour, 1/2 day (4 hours) or full day (8 hours) or purchase a discount hourly package below.

Includes access to all common areas of the CoLounge (reception area, Lounge room, kitchenette)

Capabilities to print, scan or copy

Bring in your own food/beverage to support your rental needs

Conference Room | CouLounge
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Conference Room Packages

8 Hour Package

Discount Rate for 8 hours of conference room use.

12 Hour Package

Discount Rate for 12 hours of conference room use.

20 Hour Package

Discount Rate for 20 hours of conference room use.


Conveniently located in Fairlawn, OH with quick access to Interstate 77 and directly off West Market Street, The CoLounge is your ideal space to meet all your needs – from work, to intentional connection. The CoLounge offers flexible memberships and daily drop-in access to suit all needs, as well as hosting your special event or function. Tucked away from the hustle with over 2600 square feet of flexible space, it allows those who desire calm and serenity to produce their most optimal work, or to have that meeting in confidence, while at the same time, offering a collaborative environment where you can plug in with others to inspire and create.

From private office space, to a dedicated, 100% all your own workspaces, to a more casual setup for that as-needed escape as well as the ability to use our conference room, relaxed lounge meeting area or even renting out the space for a private function. The CoLounge offers what we all need – flexibility and an airy environment that caters to your needs.

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