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About CoLounge

The CoLounge is a place that welcomes inspiring minds, the movers and shakers of our community, and those who thrive in creating authentic connections. A light-filled ambiance that caters to those who seek the opportunity to create, connect and empower others through their work or passion.

From the solopreneur, to the small business owner and even the professional, the CoLounge offers first class amenities of a high-functioning office, yet the welcoming ability to create meaningful, impactful work in an environment that is comfortable as well as supportive.

About CoLounge

Conveniently located in Fairlawn, near 77

2600 square feet

Multi-functional space

Private office, desk space, lounge area, conference room, event space

At CoLounge, it is more than just a space to work. It’s a space to thrive. Whether you are looking to grow your business, or need a space outside the home or corporate setting, it can fulfill the need to enhance your passion as well as a place to connect through events and special functions.

Conveniently located in Fairlawn, OH with quick access to Interstate 77 and directly off West Market Street, The CoLounge is your ideal space to meet all your needs – from work, to intentional connection. The CoLounge offers flexible memberships and daily drop-in access to suit all needs, as well as hosting your special event or function. Tucked away from the hustle with over 2600 square feet of flexible space, it allows those who desire calm and serenity to produce their most optimal work, or to have that meeting in confidence, while at the same time, offering a collaborative environment where you can plug in with others to inspire and create.

From private office space, to a dedicated, 100% all your own workspaces, to a more casual setup for that as-needed escape as well as the ability to use our conference room, relaxed lounge meeting area or even renting out the space for a private function. The CoLounge offers what we all need – flexibility and an airy environment that caters to your needs.

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Build it and they will come…

After spending 17 years in a corporate environment, Kristen set forth on her solopreneur journey, not realizing at the time exactly where she was going or the goal she had in mind. She trusted her gut and decided to go ALL IN. What Kristen did know was she had the desire to step out on her own, to control her time spent on the things she enjoyed, while making a greater, more positive impact on her community. Over the years in her entrepreneur journey Kristen struggled with finding space. Space to work. Space to connect. Space to create. Space to inspire. Space to celebrate. Space to share. Space.

It all led back to finding that space that she felt her best and could produce at her best self in the minimal time she had, while at the same time connecting with others in a welcoming atmosphere that invited true, authentic connection. As a mom to 2 elementary kids who is building a business around her life she understands the need to find a space to maximize her work, that caters to all aspects of who she is and what she desires to create, while at the same time nurturing that connection with others. Working from home is not always ideal ~ hello laundry, dogs, kids, that growing to do list. Working in restaurants or coffee shops often led to distractions, not having the right amenities and not always displaying true professionalism. And finding a space to connect, celebrate and share was costly or not the ideal setup. After years of meaningful, connecting relationships, networking with her fellow business colleagues, and hearing their wants and needs over and over she took her ‘Field of Dreams’ idea of “build it and they will come” and decided to set forth to make an impact. What started as random notes on a Google document to get her thoughts down, began building and one day it forged to the surface that THIS is what she was meant to do. This is how she could serve others. This is how her community could benefit. This is where her journey led her. The CoLounge is more than just a space, it is a place to inspire and thrive!

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